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Re: Car swap ???

Q: Do you know why Trimph stopped making TR8/7s?
A: Who needs a door stop that leaks?

Tim Reilley wrote:

> I have a 1980 Triumph TR8 convertable(new top, does not leak)w/ AC.  I
> have just(4k miles) rebuilt the motor(lightweight aluminum V8) with
> 10.5:1 pistons, erskin cam, edelbrock manifold, carter 500cfm carburetor
> and huffaker headers.  It has original paint with very little surface
> rust(minor dents and dings).  Interior is fair cond but I would put in a
> new carpet.  It has new tires(yoko A509).
> Very fast and reliable
> Anyone want to trade a comparable 1990,91 Coupe q for it?
> Tim Reilley
> Former 1990 Coupe quattro owner