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Re: Max Boost/HP? 87 5kcstq

    I sent this yesterday and didn't see it do I'm sending it again.  Sorry
if you get it twice.

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    Don't listen to everything people are saying!

    One of the great things about the 5KCSTQ is it's low purchase price, and
the ease of modification!  :^)

    I reccomend a true performance chip!  You can get a real performance chip
for this car for $150 to $250.  Several listers make good chips for this car.
I reccomed you getting in touch with some of them and shopping for prices and
which one sounds right for you.  I think they are all pretty good, but haven't
compared them all.  Some of these listers are Scott Mokry, Steve Eiche, and
Graydon Stuckey.  Give them a shout out.

    I don't reccomend going to Intended Acceleration for a chip unless you are
willing to spend $700-800 for the same thing!  No offense to Ned, but I haven't
seen any evidence that his chip is any better than those offered by the QLCC
(the Quattro List Chip Club).  BTW, Scott Mokry has a great web site that
explains his chip and what you can expect to gain from it.  His URL is
http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo.  It's a very informative site.

    With a chip and a stiffer WG spring (often refered to as a "Charlie" spring
by us listers due to a production run of these springs by once active
listmember Charlie Smith) these cars can fly!

    This is a very minimal cost with a horsepower gain of 50+hp!  Just a few
things you should do to make sure you get the most of this mod and keep your
car reliable....  First, check and make sure your WOT switch is working
properly.  Many 5KCSTQ's are running around town with bad switches and will
not get the full power benifit.  I know as I am running with a bad one right
now!  Remember, stock boost on that car is 1.3 bar max.  If you are only seeing
1.1 or 1.2, you may have a problem here.  They can be repaired, but I reccomend
replacing it with a new part as they are relatively cheap.  Between $50 and $75
depending on the source.  Try Imparts.

    You will also want to replace your IC to TB hose.  This hose gets old and
stressed with age, and most likely yours has some stress cracks even if they
are not visible from the outside.  Under the increased pressure, they can
blow out easily and leave you stranded.  I reccomend replacing this hose. Stock
hoses can be obtained from Carlsen Audi or for about the same amount, you can
upgrade to an improved one.  A pure silicon Samco hose from TAP will run you
over $100, but I believe Graydon Stuckey has an aircraft quality hose that fits
there for about $40 and is good to 30psi!  Graydon, Is this still available??
I know you were offering this a year or so ago.

    Okay, last, make sure you strap down your Intercooler.  It is common to
blow off the plastic end caps on it at high boost!  But, not really a big deal.
One method of securing this is to add more end cap clips from a 200Q or just
find a real big hose clamp and tie it around the IC!  Real cheap solution and
seems to work.  As you add more hp you may want to upgrade to a single pass
IC from a 20V 200TQ for improved efficiency and decrease intake temps.  Todd
Phennenger is currently looking for other intercooler options that will fit in
the 5KCSTQ without much modification.

    Also, make sure your Oxygen sensor is working properly!  Basically, just
make sure your car is up to snuff, mechanically, before you do a chip and
spring upgrade!  Oh, yea....and hold on, because you will not believe the power
increase.  Other than that, no real problems!  The stock 10V motor is VERY
strong, and the bottom end is fine too.  Much stronger than the 20V's from
what I can tell.  I have driven cars with 200+K miles on them and they pulled
like crazy!  I think you will enjoy it!

    Now, I don't know who said that car is only good for 13 psi!  I plan on
running about 14 psi for daily use and then crank it up to 16 or 17 psi for
track events via an adjustale WG!  It is true, the CIS mechanical fuel
injection system is downfall, but it really doesn't get in the way untill you
get around 300 hp!  Shouldn't be a problem.