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Re: First wave to other Audi driver

What's the deal with the A4ers anyway??  I've always waved to any Audi I
see (i have a 99 A6q) and only been snubbed by the A4 drivers and one 50
year old guy in a bigger, older S model.  I figured he was just going
through a midlife crisis or something so I cut him some slack, but the
rest??  Whatever happened to minnesota nice??  Has the A4 replaced the
BMW 3 series as the "look at me in this baby!  I'm too cool to notice
you" car??  I even had a 99 A8 wave back 2 days ago!

Wolff wrote:
> So far in the last few months I had a guy in a coupe GT wave back at me
> while I was driving the coupe and I had a guy in a 4kq wave back while I
> was driving in my 4kq. Pretty cool. The A4 people never seem to wave
> back. Maybe they don't recognize the older models.
> Wolff
> Four 8 to 13 year old Audis
> Tom Nas wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've been driving Audis for about four years now, and today I met a guy in
> > a black late-model Coupe, I had my window down so I waved- and he even
> > waved back!
> >