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Ur-q: Daily Driver? Winter use?

Just curious...

1. how many Ur-q owners use their car as a daily driver? Do you feel comfortable
(from a reliability standpoint) to take it on a two hour... six hour... drive?
To a track event, and back?

2. And how many use it for winter use? Since they are not galvanized (U.S.
models, that is...), can they be rustproofed (i.e. Ziebart), to try to slow down
the inevitable?

Please CC: me on the responses... I'm checking the archives... but direct
feedback would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. Why am I asking? Let's just say it is not for future use in a trivia
contest... :-)

                     Jim Griffin
                 ICQ # 1315286
'92 Audi 100S - '87 VW Quantum Syncro