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Red Dash Gone?

>From Auto Week...

Blah, blah, blah about navigation system in trip computer area using red
lights..."However, the red lights will have a greater contrast to its
surroundings, since audi will change in model year 2000 to more
conventional white-lighted gauges with red needles, abandoning the
orangeish-red instrument panel illumination it has used through 1999."

I'm getting more than a little frustrated with all of this mass
homogenization between cars (and hardware stores, and eateries, and
electronic manufacturers, ad infinitum).  For ----- sake, why doesn't
anyone want to be different anymore?

Also, there's a tt giveaway.  Pony up $100 and take your chances
(1:750).  See www.guiding-eyes.org

Derek Daily
90 CQ w/ red speedo and I love it.  dammit.