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RE: 4kq rear muffler

>Anyone ever heard of a muffler called Bozel (sp?). For sale from WW
>Autowerks for $187, it seems to be the cheapest I've found, and at least
>it isn't an Ansa.
>Any ideas on it's quality, or other (cheaper) solutions? The hole in my
>muffler is so bad now I think small animals are going to start living in

	Please, For $187 it better be half of an exhaust system.  Say
resonator to tip.  You can buy a Borla Muffler for less than $187.  Blau
has a complete system that looks OK for like $299.
	Or if just the muffler needs replacing call Summit and order a
Dynomax for $29.  A little louder than stock.  Also much freer flowing.  I
have a 2.5" with no resonator and it is quiet on freeway but loud when I
get on it.  WIth a middle resonator it should be very nice.  Decent
construction and in the past they have lasted longer than any Ansa or even
a Leistritz system that I have seen fail.  
	OH, and if you get new piping, specify aluminized tubing.  OR find
a shop that only uses aluminized tubing (I think that is a "partial"
indication of the quality of their work)
	L8R  (Summits number is   800-230-3030
Dynomax PN# is oops, cant find it.  But you want the 16.5" offset
inlet/outlet.   2.5" is what I recommend.  Then upgrade rest of system to
cat to 2.5" when you feel like it.