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Re: A4 CD changer hook up: help!

Bob -

The cables are under the trunk liner on the left side.  The A4.org info is good,
but I can only emphasize that it will be tedious to get your arm up in there far
enough to pull it out.  To watch for:  I lost the trunk bulb out of the side
light as I was rooting around in there (dropped into the black hole of the
fender well), and have a not-quite-right replacement in there.  Good luck... Not
really hard, just a PITA.


"Robert P. Wunderlich, D.P.M." wrote:

> Greetings, fellow quattrophiles:
> Can someone tell me how to find the factory CD changer connector in my '99
> A4?  I'm told the Panasonic CX-DP601 6-disk changer will hook up to the
> factor connector using an adapter...but where in the trunk is the connector
> located?  Specific instructions would be great, or if anyone knows a website
> where this is discussed please let me know.
> Thanks in advance!
> Bob W.
> '99 A4 1.8TQMS



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