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Re: audi cell phone

Yes.  See A4.org.  Basically the car is wired for 'bag' style Motorola
phones.  You put the transceiver unit in the trunk and there is an RS-232
to connect to it, and a connection for the handset. You have to put in your
own antenna.  Then the handset connection comes up through the center
console.  In addition to the FAQ's on A4.org, search the archives for other
BTDT stories.

wayne wrote:

> Hello,
>     A friend just bought a '96 A4 quattro and is thinking of installing
> an Audi factory phone.  I was wondering if there is another phone made
> by motorola that would work as well for less money?
>     Also has anyone purchased the xenon headlights form lltek?  If so
> any opinions on them.  Do you have to alter the original wiring?
> Thanks for any info
> Wayne



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