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RE: Red dash gone?

Perhaps I'm missing something here, but is the red dash lighting on the
newer Audi's you're referring to here any differen't in principle than the
red dash lighting they've been using for years (at least as far back as '84
for the type 44)?  My recollection is that older WMB's also had this type of
lighting, has this changed recently?

I'm surprised to hear that magazines have been slagging this type of
lighting.  I remember reading something in Car and Driver years back which
praised red dash illumination and lamented the fact that all cars didn't
have the same type of dash lighting, because it is the least harmful to
night vision.

Sorry for the WOB, but if this is actually true it would appear that "Team
Doorhandle" is now in charge of dash design as well.  

Jeff Mruss
'84 5KS