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RE: PAP Auction results

The V8 short block were used cores from Audi.  They looked nice but I think
they were flawed in some way.

I picked up a 12 valve V6 motor w/ECU from a '94 90, Two V6 5 speed
trannies.  Four 90 V6 doors, V6 brake calipers, etc. for $25.00!

They are moving to Dahlonaga, GA and they took the "good stuff" there.  They
auctioned off the unwanted stuff, a.k.a. junk.


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Hi all:

Went to the PAP auction/Porsche Club swapmeet today, got there a little
late 'cause of opening day ceremonies for Little League.  Many Porsche
folks were in attendance.

If you read their on-line listing, there was a bunch of "contents of shelf"
entries, which prompted my attending in the first place.  However, no Audi
Holy Grail was found, no racks of Fuchs or Ur sheetmetal.  It was about 98
percent Porsche stuff, kind of what I was expecting - lots of old 356
doors, 944 glass hatches, 911 mechanicals.  Couple of 5K engines thrown in
for good measure.

Highlights:  someone bought five 928 engines for $150, and they had two
Audi V-8 shortblocks still in the crate that went for FIFTEEN dollars for
both of 'em!!!  Somebody got a h*ll of a deal on that one.

All in all, if you didn't make it, you didn't miss much from an Audi parts

-Steve Jensen