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Re: Tire time


I've been running the Michelin MXV4's and love them.  Done the
Pontenza's (crap).

Scott K.

Eric Renneisen wrote:

> So now that my $25 each D60A2s are destroyed, I need to get a
> new pair of shoes. I usually tune out the tire talk, but now
> that I need 'em...
> I'd like to go wider, but 225 is probably too much for the 7"
> Speedlines, and 215 is slim pickins. Looks like I'm stuck with
> 205/55 or the stock 205/60 (not sure I'm ready for the Zehr-
> izing 205/50).
> I guess I'm looking at the usual suspects here:
> Dunlop SP8000
> Bridgestone Potenza RE71
> BFG Comp T/A
> Pirelli P6000
> etc.
> I'm leaning towards the SP8000 because I liked the D60A2s (for
> what they were), but with the stiffer suspension they felt like
> a limiting factor. The only other tires I've had on this car are
> some Firestone Firehawk touring crap that the PO put on there.
> I want something great in the turns, and can handle the wet, but
> judging from the last couple of years snow won't be a problem.
> (That's my way of daring nature to dump the fluffy stuff on me!)
> I'll take any and all input under consideration.
> TIA,
> Eric Renneisen
> '90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
> Chattanooga, TN