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Speaking of weird encounters...

Over the summer, I was driving my Coupe GT down a 4 lane road near my house,
actually I was behind a tricked out Corrado VR6 SLC.  Anyways, I was booming
along in second gear and came up to a light.  That car really rumbles...but
most people just shrug it off.  ANyways, at this particular light, a mustang
GT 5.0 owner pulled up next to me and motioned to race...I smiled and
laughed...I think the GT 5.0 ran to 60 in 6 secs. or so, a good 3 secs ahead
of my GT.  In any event, the thought occured to me that people really don't
know what the hell these angular audis with GT and quattro written on the back
are.  On a side note, an interesting side note, that SLC was unable to pull
away from me on an all out run around several roads.  This happened again
later in the summer, when I raced a yellow GTI VR6 drivers' ed., prompting the
driver of the yellow GTi to roll down his window and ask me, "What the hell
did you do to that thing?  What's in it?"  Nothing.  Stock 2.2 with a Bosal
sport exhaust.

Sorry for length!
Carter J
86 4000CS Quattro
86 Coupe GT
84 GTi (well on its way out)
86 Coupe GT
86 GTI 4 door