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In message <> Bob Mansker writes:

>  No Audi content but thoght someone might like to get a few shares of a new
> company that will be entereing
> the stock market... Just follow the steps & get your own I.D. number & Email
> this form leteer to others.

a) TANSTAAFL.  Nobody gives anything away without a good reason.

b) There's enough crap like this on Usenet without polluting the
   quattro mailing list with it.  I suspect you may hear from the

c) If this is such a great deal, how come 'www.monsterbooks.com' is
   hosted by lowly, cheap AOL?

d) A few seconds' perusal of Dejanews would have brought to light an
   analysis posted to misc.invest.stocks with a trace on the domain
   owner and quite a lot of interesting information.  Like all of
   these things (see 'Jessica Mydek') it's a scam - probably to
   collect pre-qualified email addresses of suckers.

 Phil Payne
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