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Audi 10v VS. Japanese car. Audi WINS!

Hello q-heads,
This post is mostly me rambling about my friends and I racing on the streets,
so delete if you don't want to read it....=)

My friends and I were trying to figure out how much faster my car was after
the "CPU bypast" thingy(regulator, plus stiffer wastegate spring @ about 8.5
PSI) was put in along with my "Maxspeed" muffler.  
The 4 cars that ran with me was....

96' camry v6 - DTM muffler, Well modded intake. (189hp stock, 200(+) hp
98' accord coupe v6 - with Remus muffler, modded intake. (200hp stock, 215hp
(+) modded)
97 Acura CL 3.0- bone stock. (200hp)
98 prelude SH - Remus muffler, and modded intake. (195hp stock, 220(+) modded)

Before these mods, I couldn't even keep up with them.  My Stock Audi
200t10v(slushbox) was a joke.

I can't believe the difference, after the mods.  My 60-90mph range was ALOT
faster than all 4 cars.  But after the 3rd gear, the car did slow down a bit.
But never the less, it was a BIG difference.  Not only did I past them, I
passed  them and kept on going.  I just want to say, thank you AoA for making
a awsome car!  

And does anyone have any views on putting in a 86' 5k 3speed final drive on a
89 200?  Better Final drive?
(e-mail me in private)

*ramble off*

Jason C
89 Audi 200t10v
Redmond WA