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20v power upgrades

I've been following this page for a short time now, after I discovered
the obscure '91 200tq.  I wished I'd have know about it after leaving
the quattro ranks for Volvo.  I was looking for performance and needed a
wagon.  I believed my optios were the S6 (way to expensive) the 100cs
(vastly lacking the hp) and the older 10v 200s.  Even though I have a
20v CQ, and have lusted for an S4, I didn't know about the '91, so I
bought the '95 Volvo 850 turbo. While this is an excellent car in many
respects, it ain't a quattro! (the newer V70 AWD are out of range as
well).  So now the Volvo is for sale, and I have names for several 20Vs.

Now for my question...I've seen so many references to how easy it is to
bump hp into the 280 range, no one says much about how the rest of the
drive train suffers from the added strain.  Do the clutches,
differentials, CVs, and tranys stand up?  I am not hard on my vehicles
(2 former audis have taken me over 250kmi.), but would definately look
into these upgrades!
Thanks for any input!
John Cassidy