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Re: 4ksq air filter

] Robert Myers wrote:
] >
] > The easiest way?  Buy a new car.  :-(
] > >What is the easiest (ha!) way to change the air filter in
] > >a '85 4000 Quattro?
] Thanks.  I am keeping an eye out for a Quattro 80 or 90
] with a new air filter.
] Dave

Honestly, this isn't such a bad idea... I can believe this
would be enough to tip the scales in favor of replacing
the car if you were considering it anyway.

This got me thinking again about my idea to custom-
fabricate my own cone-filter setup, using tubing to the
grille and a K&N filter clamped to the end.  If for no
other reason, ease of changing the filter might be enough
justification for the project, since you'd have to invest
the time anyway if that filter needs changing.  I realize
there isn't much horsepower gain if any, but hey, it's
easier to change, sounds and looks sexy, and probably
won't cause undue wear on the car if the element is kept
clean and oiled properly.

Along with my exhaust plans, this should result in a nice
loud 4kq!  now I'm psyched.

Todd Hutchinson
84 4kq, undergoing Huw-style cosmetic transformation