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Re: horn ring lube

Yeah.  Seems to be something of a misnomer.  The term dielectric refers to
what would normally be called an insulator.  The grease should be
conductive for this purpose.  IME, a "dielectric" grease is used for
purposes requiring a conductive grease and is, in fact, conductive.
Amazing, huh?  :-)

At 04:20 PM 3/29/99 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 3/29/99 2:13:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, mx@snet.net
> > <<
> >  what should i use to lubricate
> >  ring behind steering wheel that powers horn?
> >   >>
> > di-electric grease would be fine.
> Di-electric grease is for insulating electrical connections, not for
> making better conductivity. There are greases out there that will do
> what you want though.
> Bob
>  >>
>Read from Wurth Dielectric grease tube: High thermal conductivity, Withstands
>temp. to 400 F. , High heat transfer, Lubricates rubber and plastic, Heavy
>consistancy, Protects electrical components.														Listed
>For use IN electrical insulation, damping and LUBRICATION OF BRASS COMPONENTS
>and O-Rings.							The brass horn brush and ring are conducting the energy
>(electric) not the grease.																				Blevins
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