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Re: Odometer Repair Questions

Assuming the problem is the most common one, here is the posted fix from
the record.  This also assumes you have disassembled the pod down to the
dial face.  Since you didn't specify I have assumed a 5K but this applies
to 100-200s, V8s and some 4Ks.  Not sure what others.

You can pull the needle (carefully) with needle nose (no pun intended)
pliers. It is only pressed on.  Suggest first that you pull it carefully
over the
stop pin and mark with a pencil where the needle rests without the stop.
way you can correctly position it when reassembling.  BTDT x30!  Your odo
is likely a common one.  There is a plastic drive year that the odo
wheels are mounted
on that breaks loose from the shaft that it is pressed on.  Remove that
while the wheels are left in place. Only the ends are pressed into
anything. The rest of the wheels are free to turn.  Using a small chisel
on a metal surface, add
some (a little) new knurling to the end of the shaft.  Ie, add to the
existing knurling and
reinstall.  Don't try the superglue method it didn't last for me at all.
My fix
is long term.  If your break is anything but the stripped gear then much
of this does not apply.
Good luck.

mikesoft wrote:

> Roland,
> Thanks for your reply. I tried searching the archives but
> mainly what I found were messages asking basically the
> same thing that I needed to know. I would appreciate
> if you could perhaps direct me as in a URL or site a
> address in the archives where I might find the procedure.
> Thanks
> Mike Theuri
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> This is well documented in the archives.  The needle has to come off.
> Procedure is well documented by me and others. Including likely
> failures, and tricks to minimize the mess.
> Roland

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