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Replacing left diff seal

I replaced it once on an 86 5KCSTQ.  It's not that bad.  First, I don't
remember touching the exhaust or the suspension components.  I believe I
was able to work around the exhaust and I don't think I had to unbolt the
suspension.  I believe I just pulled the base of the CV joint away from
the diff and managed to work it out of the way.

No special tools are needed.  A screwdriver can be used to remove the old
seal no problem.  Heres the trick to putting the new seal in square, put
axle flange back into diff using the center bolt, don't tighten up all the
way, take your triple-square bolts and turn them so far that they come out
the back side and touch the seal.  Then tighten the center bolt which will
push the new seal in square.  I believe you need to repeat this a couple
of times, loosen up center bolt, tighten triple-square bolts until seal is
lined up, then tighten center bolt again to push in the seal.

Two years later, no problems.

Also, about $40 from Linda.

	89 200TQ