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Re: Front Half Shaft /CV Joint Questions

In message <005701be7a47$51a6b8a0$15fe66a6@mikesoft> "mikesoft" writes:

> I got some replies to my last question about the clunk
> when turning right. I will be replying to those individuals
> directly. The big accordion like boot on the half shaft
> closer to the wheel is torn and is what I believe contains
> the CV joint.
> I am confused as to what part I would need for the
> CV joint. Would it be the outer, inner or both joint kits that I
> would require. What determines which to go for. Thanks

If you're _really_ on a budget, try a CV joint _BOOT_ kit - it's just
the boot, clips and grease and costs a lot less.  These joints often
stop clunking when they've got fresh grease in them.  Another lister's
idea is to swap the half-shafts left for right.

 Phil Payne
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