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RE: Tree sap

HOT water, Soap and some spray "bug and tar remover"  DO NOT let it sit long
enough to harden.  BTDT unfortunately :^(  .  If it hardens, you will need
rubbing compound to make it less noticeable - I was not able to remove all
the little drops completely.

chris perry

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> Sent:	Tuesday, March 30, 1999 5:32 AM
> To:	Quattro
> Subject:	Tree sap
> All,
>  My car got completely covered with extremely fine drops of sap yesterday.
> It is almost as if the pine trees in the area were misting! Anyone have
> any
> washing tips that might help remove this. Keep in mind this isn't big
> runny
> globs but more like I fine misting of the stuff. Insert profanity here!
> Thanks
> Anton