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Re: quattro cabrio?

In message <199903301709.RAA03894@smtp.amb.org> ti@amb.org (Ti Kan) writes:

> Phil, you are referring to the Treser quattro contraption with the
> fold-away hard top, which is based on the UrQ.  I think the original
> poster was asking about the post-1993 Audi Cabriolet body.  To my
> knowledge there was not any quattro versions of it from the factory.

Well, the Cabriolet is just as ugly from underneath as the Treser was
from the top.  No, there is no quattro version - it can't be done
because of the extra stiffening.

We usually refer to the Cabriolet as "the boat" and suggest that buying
one was definitive proof that the late lamented Princess of Wales
was as thick as a board.  If further proof is necessary, look at the
men she picked.

 Phil Payne
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