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Re: US commercials

> At 09:24 AM 3/30/99 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >At 6:52 PM +0000 3/29/99, Phil Payne wrote:
> >Dire Straights, anyone?
> >Mark Knopler(sp?) is arguably one of the best guitarists in the world...
> >Didn't they pop up around the same time?
> speaking of german bands from that era, there was a cool synth-rock band
> that had several albums out and i can't remember the band name.
> i haven't found it yet in my album collection, either!
> they did a song called transeurope express, another about the autobahn,
> another called she's a model...
> anyone?


That would be "Kraftwerk". 

"We're fahrn, fahrn, fahrn, auf der autoban"

There were more lyrics than that, but mein Deutsche is nicht sehr gute.

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