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Re: Battery Vent

As regards the type 44 battery vent: There is a tiny hose barb on the
removable cover atop the Exide my 5kcst runs... this connects to a clear
plastic flex tube which passes through a grommet and out to the open air
beneath the car. I'm not sure if this is the same thing Phil is referring to,
but I would think that if you are using a battery designed for this app, it
would definitely be so equipped- are you sure the batt. is correct?
HTH, Rob

Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <000d01be7aa5$fc726320$9651ded1@jack> "Jack Gagnon" writes:
> > I was doing some electrical repairs to my newly purchased 5kcstq and I
> > noticed an unused vent line near the battery.  I could not see where it
> > should be hooked up on the battery installed.  Is a special battery
> > required?
> As far as I know, _all_ underseat batteries are vented.  It's a little
> pull-out cap on the end of the battery, level with the fillers.
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