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Re: Window Regulator

Brian Raymond wrote:
> I took apart my window regulator to repair the cable on it as it has be
> broken ever since I have gotten the car. Well one of the hoses and two of
> the plastic ends are missing and of course you can't get just part of it so
> I need to buy another.. I was wondering if anyone has any used ones that are
> in decent condition that they would be willing to sell, I don't really want
> to fork out $330 for a new one..

I keep buying used ones at the U-Pull-It for $15 a piece when I find
them. I also bought a set of manual ones for when the junk electric ones
break. Only problem is there's no hole in the door panel for the handle
and I can't bring myself to cut one, so I use a piece of cardboard for a
door panel until I find a replacement. Currently have two functioning
ones and no spares, so I need to go shopping again. Somebody out there
is selling reman ones for around $125-150. One thing you will want to
check is WHY the cables are breaking (if it's repetitive). My vertical
channel weatherstrip was apparently worn and allowing the window to cock
going up, putting too much resistance pressure on the cable. A new strip
solved that, but I still don't have the glass seating properly at full
up. That, and the $%^##$!!! power mirror switch will fight you every
step of the way.
Have fun :)
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