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Re: Black stuff under doors

Just don't use the Armor All on the steering wheel!!!  My wife did that for me
once.  She thought she was doing me a favor after doing a dash. Almost killed
several people as the wheel was so slick.

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> > Group- The weather has finally turned nice. Washed and waxed the
> > ole V8 today,
> > and would like to spruce up all the black stuff, like bumper covers, outside
> > mirrors, dent strips and especially the stuff that is below the doors. It
> > looks like rubber, would tire cleaner work? what about the front and rear
> > spoilers? TIA
> > Frank Santoro
> > 1990 V8
> > 1998 A8
> I agree with Dan, who recommended Back to Black.  I have been very
> pleased in general with  Mother's products.  The Glaze(a super-light
> compound) has been terrific.
> Back to Black is definately not for use inside the car because of the
> overwhelming stench.  Sometimes, the Btb wears off quickly; some
> listers complained about that.  Happens mostly on the side mirror
> rubber.
> BTW, Back to Black was the -only- thing that got rid of the wax that
> the previous owner had dripped accidentally onto the rear wheel well.
> I don't know if V8's have em, but only the '91 type44's have 'em.
> They transition the back of the wheel well lip to the chrome piece
> that wraps around the back.
> As far as the spoilers, if they're painted, just compound and wax
> 'em.  If they're beat up, nothing will save them, best to just
> repaint.  Not too hard for a shop since they are rapidly removed from
> the car(at least on type44's; it's just 2 bolts and a bunch of screws
> here and there.)
> For the interior, I went on a hunch and tried the Armor All Interior
> spray; it's practically an entirely different beast.  Spread on
> lightly, it gave the dash a great, like-new look, darkening the
> plastic+dash(black interior, black exterior, best colors :)
> Brett
> 91 200q20v
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