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Re: UFO brakes


Upgrade? (let's say change to standard type brakes) requires replacement
struts and hubs, with those from a 5K/S4/S6/ (type 44 body) and
the G60s and rotors.

Current pricing seems to be around $1k-1.2. This will result in a lower
swept rotor area, so you may want to go with a "special" pad.

If you want to spend the money, and your tires are worn and wheels are 
beat up, my recommendation would be to do the change to the struts/hubs 
but go to a better caliper /rotor combination to maintain or increase 
swept rotor area.  Of course, you probably will need to upgrade to 16 
inch rims and tires at this point. Various listers have recently posted
upgrades including change over to Porsche "Big Reds", Wilwood, Alcon, 
and other calipers, and a more recent one using Boxster calipers and
A8 rotors.

We are talking a serious investment.

If you only use the UFO equipped vehicle for daily driving, they should
suffice, but take into mind that they may be prone to warping, and 
the pads and rotors are expensive, and are without alot of options.

Most folks can control the warping by occassionally performing repeated
hard stops to heat up the rotors, and then driving w/o brake usage
to let them cool.  Heating up the brakes and then parking the vehicle
is a ticket towards warped rotors.

-Peter Schulz
1991 TQW (with UFOs)
1990 CQ (with G60s)


Price tends"Duff, Ian" wrote:
> Seems to me almost the whole front suspension needed to be replaced. New hubs
> and carriers required new struts which required new control arms which required
> new subframe which required new front bumper supports which required new grill
> surround which required new headlights which required new bulb relays which
> required new headlight switch which required new dash. Kind of like Brandon's
> oil change ending up with a 3B. Seriously, folklore I remember is that lots
> needed to be replaced. Audi factory "upgrade" was tons of money, even for Audi,
> back when it was available as a factory kit.
> Of course, YMMV.
> -Ian Duff.
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> As the subject implies, this one may be for the mother list (to which I don't
> subscribe), or some of you also V8 owners and/or mechanics
> my question, when converting from the UFO rotor setup on the '90 V8 to
> Girlings, what else besides pads, rotors, and calipers has to be changed.  My
> mechanic was trying to do this for another customer's V8, and he said because
> of the difference in the mounting location for the calipers, the strut carrier
> assembly would have to be replaced as well?  Is there not an adapter bracket
> of some sort?  Seems like it wouldn't be as popular a conversion if 'twas that
> difficult and expen$ive....
> thanks for any reply, as usual, email me privately to avoid "useless junk" on
> the list.
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