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Could someone summarize whatever it is I missed re: ETKA?

I know it's the CD-ROM based parts fiche.
But it appears there was an opportunity to get it which I missed.
Do I understand correctly this is the Euro version only?

I asked about why they don't use this at my local dealer and they said they
had it briefly but got rid of it because of the high cost of using it.  I
think they had to rent the cpomputer it ran on and there were ongoing
monthly fees associated with it's use.  
So how does this version work that list members are talking about?

Dave c. 

"Craig D. Niederst" wrote:
> I'm in the same situation. Sent David a check and have heard nothing since.
> I've sent him a couple of e-mails inquiring if he'd gotten my check, and if
> the CD was sent, etc, and have not gotten a reply. If anyone out there has a
> working copy and has access to a burner, I'm still interested in buying one
> (and I'm sure there are quite a few other Listers who are too).

Holy crap... purchase?
Anyone who wants a copy, leave me your addresses. Ill send the damn
things for free. :)
(just remember this in the future when I need a part!!!)  ;-)

This is a good working copy, not the troublesome cheesy one from russia.

(ps, its euro...still looking for US)