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RE: washing prophetically

I simply hold my wash mitt at arms length after each panel and blast it with
the nozzle on the hose.  Using pressure and a flood of clean water rinses
the grit out quite nicely, and doesn't add the grit back into your wash

Assuming that the tool your using isn't abrasive by itself (mit or brush) if
you clean it as you wash the car, you'll be fine.  The temptation is to keep
washing panel after panel to make the job quicker - well, haste makes

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
Photo and details online at:

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Interesting note about the fundraiser carwash and the broom/brush.....

An expert detailer I know says the only way to safely wash a car is with a
brush, not a cloth or even a terry towel, use a brush. Use lotsah foam and
rinse the brush after every panel if the car is real dirty. The dirt and
grit rinses out of the brush far better Vs any type of cloth. Cloth tends
to trap the dirt and grit and you basiscally end up 'sanding' your paint.
He suggests using a special 'car-wash brush' and that they actually
break-in and get better with age, just like men and fine wine. Or use a
push-broom brush without the handle. I bought a 'car-wash brush' at a local
autoparts store in NH called Robbins Automotive, was like $6 US. Work

Happy brushing,