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RE:New Order

    Most kids and "adults" in their mid twenties around my town have no
clue about what looks nice and what looks getto.  Every other car that
drives by has exhaust and a big grapefruit shooter tip.  A lot have
bondo and the harlequin look on a couple panels.  I see a lot of "nice"
single wiper conversions that cover the middle 90 degree sweep of the
window.  I've been in a couple, you see great in the rain, j/k.
Anything that comes off easy gets painted red or yellow to match the
huge Neuspeed sticker on the windshield and side windows.  I agree, most
of us  make nice cars look hideous.  There's a huge difference between a
customized car and a 'sweet gettoed out ride'.  Sad thing is that most
of the chicks dig it cause they have no clue.  The 'custom' jobs
definitely get attention though.  From me its laughter but most see it
and want to do it too.
    The only thing ugly about my car IMO is how the IC sits on the
bumper.  That will change soon though.

Jay -20