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Re: Ur-q: Daily Driver? Winter use? (minimal Audi content)

Have you been here this winter, you would have a different perspective. The
highway between
Calgary and Edmonton has been as icy as a hockey rink on many occasions. There
were cars in
in the ditch every 50m. I was glad I had a quattro.

Tihol Tiholov wrote:

> Hello, fellow listers,
> If you allow me to introduce her(in) a general point of view on the subject
> of daily or weekend, or whatever frequency driving and a car's suitability
> to withstand that.  A few years back, when living in Alberta for 4-5 years,
> I was talking to a Canadian born and quite enlightened friend about not
> driving my (at the time) Porsche 944 during the winter.  He said, he did
> not think the Doctor (F. Porsche) had meant it to be that way.  I drove
> this car 3 winters in a row in the B.C. mountains without any problems.
> I know that Porsche has a better anti-rust protection than Ur-Q, the point
> is most cars (D.K. abour Ferrari or Lamborghini) are meant to be driven any
> which way, even on a daily basis.
> Didn't mean to offend anyone, so the point is made softly; didn't even use
> capitals, except when required by grammar rules AFAIK them.
> Happy driving, everyone, even when its a daily commute.
> Tihol
> 1988 90 Q
> 1999 New Beetle (wife's)
> P.S. Not all New Beetle drivers are lacking in consideration and
> compassion.  My wife has offered many, even remote acqaintences a drive in
> the car, just for fun, and they do appreciate it.  It's a blast to drive
> and top-speed is around 190 km/h so far.  Guess how I know.