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Re:ETKA (Russia VS other Versions)

Ok ,let me clear it up for everyone. There is only one version of ETKA
that is availible, at least AFAIK. Yes, this IS a European version, and
yes, this is a CD I bought when I've been in Russia last summer. BTW,
is in Europe :-) This is the CD I sent to Dave because he was willing to
make a copies for all of you.All the copies that other listers have got
or will be getting soon are made from it.Including  Bob's copy, which he
claims to be "
not a Russian crap"-it is a copy of the my CD me as well.



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>        I'm confused.  i know I was buying a Euro Version but figured it
>was worth it.  But whats this Russia Crap vs. Other Euro version stuff
>that I heard Bob speaking of.  What are we getting ( by WE I mean the 60
>of us that ordered some from David Hord)  THese will work fine wont
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