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Re: ETKA (Russia VS other Versions)

	Well, thanks for the followup.  I guess copying it bad could do
that.  Or maybe the disc had a small scratch in just the right spot (over
the Index for instance) that kept bombing it. :-)
	Anyhow, I hope you didn't think I was saying your a liar or
anything. YOur comment just worried me a bit.  BUt, all is well now and
many of Dave's customers have been happy so I'm sure I will to.
	Have a good night. :-)


On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Bob wrote:
> Yes, (as I mentioned to Eugene)....
> My limited experience with this is that I got a call from someone who
> got one from russia and it kept bombing. I sent him a copy of this one
> and it worked just fine.  So Im guessing that its all in the way they
> are copied more than anything...
> Bob