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Re: Mis-Behaving 4kq : more (fwd)

In message <Pine.HPX.4.05.9903310925090.1241-100000@hp25-atm.cpdc.ece.nwu.edu> "Mark L. Chang" writes:

> > Checking the injector is just as easy - just pull two from neighbouring
> > cylinders and swap 'em over.  Properly speaking, it needs a VAG 1348
> > flow test.
> Phil - I can just swap any pair and it won't make a difference?  I know I
> can't do this with the plugs/wires.  Excuse the incompetence.  This is why
> I pay people to do this :)...computer engineer, not mechanic (unlike some,
> who are both!).

Like me?

Yes, you can swap any pair - they all piss petrol all the time.

 Phil Payne
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