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Area D meeting

Well, as promised, I made the pilgrimage to Area D yesterday.  I took
the early evening off from the keyboard, and rumbled gently up the M1
to Derby, then up and around the A6 to Buxton and down the A54 to
Congleton, Sandbach and Barthomely.

For anyone in the area who hasn't been to the White Swan - it's
gorgeous.  An old five-bar inn in the centre of a village, with about
a hundred bikers lounging around outside and lolling on the walls.

Around three dozen pints of beer lined up along the churchyard wall -
only in England!

Also - bikers recognise quattros.  They're also pretty uninhibited -
my arrival was greeted with deafening whoops and yells.

Fun meeting, just chatting.  Then joined by Mark [?], a surgeon from
the local neighbourhood, with a sorry tale - strike one S4.  He took
it into an oak tree just a couple of weeks after taking delivery.

 Phil Payne
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