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Re: Optima battery in an S6?

I have a Optima "Yellow Top" battery in my S4 Avant -93. I have it laying 
on the side. This is no problem as the Optima batteries has no fluid in 
them that can pour out (dry cells). You can safely put one in your car.Be 
careful though, covering the terminals so you don't get a short.
Geir Nystadius
Minneapolis, Minnesota

'93 Audi S4 Avant , MTM 300hp.


>I searched the archives and didn't find anything that was confidence
>inspiring.  Has anyone dropped an Optima battery into an S6?  I've got a
>95.5 Avant.  I saw one reference to putting one in on it's side, and another
>warning about the terminals shorting out (due to seat springs) on
>non-standard size batteries.
>Thanks in advance for your thoughts.