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4000csq cold running problem

I've got a problem with a 87 4000csq.  When it is cool outside and the
engine is cold it refuses to go over 1700 rpm when driving away.  It
accelerates up until it hits 1700 and cuts back like I've removed my foot
from the accelerator.  If I hold the accelerator constant the engine goes
into a bucking mode where it cuts out, drops down, goes back up to 1700,
cuts out, etc.  This only happens in cool or cold weather and immediately
after a cold start.  The colder the weather the worse it gets.  If the
engine is allowed to warm up at idle the problem doesn't occur and as soon
as the engine warms up it goes away.  I've tried plugs, dist cap. rotor and
wires.  Its time to attack the fuel system but could use some help on where
to start.  Thanks for all the help I know I will receive.