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Re: da brush

> << What do the "fanatics" recommend for snow removal without
>  causing paint damage? >>
> I use what my local car dealer uses......I got it from him............It's a
> square of soft rubber/plastic...or it's like foam rubber but firm, at the end
> of a long handle.  The size of the square is about 8.5 inch x 11 inch.   You
> just push the snow off the body, but you still need a window scraper for the

Sounds like the "Sno-Brum" which is what I use. They were
selling in the local (Bedford, MA) hardware stores this
winter. Also in the Herrington catalogue, but cheaper in the
stores. Firmish blue foam rectangle attached to an extensible
handle, long enough for the full length of the Avant's roof.
Works well, leaves no scratches.

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