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Re: Fuel Injector Question

At 10:55 AM 4/1/99 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>The older CIS injectors had a design which put the rubber seal very close
>to the engine and hence it could overheat.  The injector cooling fan
>completely compensated for this, I believe...and Bosch redesigned the EFI
>injectors to use the new design(but didn't bother with the CIS injectors,
>I think.)
>Our injectors should be fine..these changes were all made in the early
>On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Chi  L. Wong wrote:
>> I found a few references in the Qlist Archives
>> concerning replacing the injectors on older 200s and
>> 5000s because they had somekind of problem with some
>> rubber piece.  I don't believe the 20V Turbo (3B?)
>> engine is subject to this problem (and I suppose that's
>> why Blauf. only suggests replacing them on the 10V
>> engines after x miles).
>> Are there any BTDT for fuel injectors regarding life
>> expectancy? or are these a maintenance item like spark
>> plugs?  What about TAPs sport injectors? will they work
>> or are other mods required?
>> Chi
>> 200TQ 20v
>> Hoppen Stage 1
>> --- "Newman,Lawrence C." <lcn@mitre.org> wrote:
>> > I have the same problem on my '89 200.  The most
>> > consistent advice that
>> > I've gotten is to renew the injectors.  I tested the
>> > injectors for
>> > leaking and found one that leaked and replaced it. 
>> > The car started well
>> > for 1 day!  The second day, it began the long crank
>> > and after that, it
>> > returned to the normal 5 second crank time.  I don't
>> > understand that
>> > reaction but I'm contemplating changing all the
>> > injectors.  It's not a
>> > bad job.  I've had them out before to renew the
>> > seals.
>> > 
>> > Larry
>> > 
>> I got mine replaced under warranty___at about 45k.      There    	is  a
tsb  or recall on this.   Mike Posner
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