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4kcs cold-start/cold run problems

I have a similar problem with my 87 4kq. It starts OK, but runs poorly
until it warms up for a few minutes. But it's NOT from running to rich,
rather it's running to lean. I haven't tackled the problem at our garage
yet, but will do so in a few weeks. We have a Simutech computer and I'm
waiting until it gets fixed to we can connect it to me 4kq. Anyway, I did
replace the NCT sensor (coolant sensor) with a new unit from the dealer and
the problem did get better, but it wasn't fixed entirely. I also have a
problem during warm run. When I floor it and trip the enrichment switch, it
falls flat on it's face, and indication of too much fuel, so I'm thinking
this problem overall may be a faulty computer. 

The NCT is the first sensor that the CIS ECU looks at, unless the throttle
switch is closed. So, it would seem that the two sep. problems lead to one
source. I'll post to the list when I correct the situations.

                       		Rolf Mair
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