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Re: <send your check in> Jamex Strut Brace Group Purchase-Reply

Eric Renneisen wrote:

> Which rear brace is he testing? Harrison Blackwood put a
> generic Jamex bar on his CQ that seems to fit well, and may
> even be removable (very handy for the CQ). Any update on the
> removability, Harrison?
> Anyway, he says it is Jamex P/N 311001. You can see a picture
> of it here:
> http://20v.org/suspupgr.htm#strutbraces

The universal rear bar is definitely removeable/replaceable. I just had
a custom 4 point roll bar installed by 2 Bennett, so the rear strut
brace is a little redundant.

Harrison Blackwood
Los Gatos, CA
1990 lago blue CQ 20v