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Re: Update to: 1.5 bar cutout on unchipped 5kcstq

In message <37025129.A5B536A7@remdesign.com> Wallace White writes:

> I also hooked up a test LED to the WGFV terminals, to observe its
> cycling while driving. The LED showed that the WGFV was being cycled at
> WOT until manifold pressure built up to 1.2 or 1.3 bar--which is normal
> operation, right? If I stayed on the throttle, though, the manifold
> pressure (on the stock gauge) would reach 1.4 or 1.5 bar sometimes.

And the LED stops cycling?  It shouldn't.  What's happening is that the
ECU is applying all the boost it has to the top of the wastegate and it
still isn't enough to control the overboost.

Usually this is a symptom of a shim or oversize spring in the wastegate.

Undo the wastegate top retaining nuts (carefully) and allow the cap to
rise under spring pressure.  The gap between the metal part of the
body (below the diapraghm) and the base of the cap should be exactly
24mm.  The spring should have a colour dot (blue) and should be 3 1/2
turns of 3mm wire.

 Phil Payne
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