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Re: Fuel Injector Question

In message <85256747.00430758.00@usboxmta.ne.3com.com> Glen_Powell@ne.3com.com writes:

> Early 10V engines (4KQ, ur-q, 5000T) including turbos have the injectors
> mounted in the head, not the IM.

So do the late 10V engines - the MB uses essentially the same inserts
as the WR/WX, except they're in three bits, partly brass, and $$$.

I think just about all non-direct injectors actually try to play the
fuel stream onto the back face of the inlet valve.  The V8Q documentation
has quite a section about the dual stream injectors, which produce one
jet for the back of each of the two valves they serve.

I can't remember why fuel is aimed directly at the valves, but I know
I've seen somewhere that there's a very good technical reason.

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