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Re: Fwd: Gas Out April 30, 1999

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <3704CE30.32B533C2@ptc.com> Paul Luevano writes:
> >> From the NMA list.  I'm always for cheaper gas....
> >>> APRIL 30, 1999!!!!!   APRIL 30, 1999!!!!!
> Might I profess a certain lack of sympathy?
> I just filled up the ur-quattro.  The tankful cost $96.47

You're just numb from the unmerciful beating you folks have been taking
for years.  

If they (oil companies) just cut the BS, the screwing they give us would
be marginally more acceptable.  It's one thing to be "taken", it's
another when they assume us to be dumber than dirt.
MJ Murphy