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Re: Fwd: Gas Out April 30, 1999

Michael Murphy <mmurphy@nais.com> writes:

>Phil Payne wrote:
>> In message <3704CE30.32B533C2@ptc.com> Paul Luevano writes:
>> >> From the NMA list.  I'm always for cheaper gas....
>> >>> APRIL 30, 1999!!!!!   APRIL 30, 1999!!!!!
>> Might I profess a certain lack of sympathy?
>> I just filled up the ur-quattro.  The tankful cost $96.47
>You're just numb from the unmerciful beating you folks have been 
>taking for years.  

It's "for the children" so it's OK.

>If they (oil companies) just cut the BS, the screwing they give us 
>be marginally more acceptable.  It's one thing to be "taken", it's
>another when they assume us to be dumber than dirt.

First, the item was posted APRIL 01, nudge nudge, wink, wink.
Anyone who has even been a pump jockey knows this would affect
prices by NADA.  

As for Phils "vaseline required" fuel prices, in many if not most other
countries, the actual price of the crude makes little difference in the
pump price.  It's actually BAD when crude prices are low, the voracious
appetite of the govt' for tax revenue means they raise the taxes
"quietly" when crude prices are low.  No one notices that the price
hasn't decreased,  they're happy it didn't increase.  When the crude
prices go back up, the increase can't be blamed on the govt', it's blamed
on rising crude price.  

I have Phil beat, I once spent U$160.00 to fill the tank(s) of the Ford
Lightning in Brazil.  Happens once in a while when the dollar doesn't
catch up with inflation.  We have it good here compared to most.  A Fiat
500 owner somewhere in Europe is paying three times as much to fill his
tank today as I am for the ole V8Q.   <---Audi Content.



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