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V8 5-sp for sale...maybe old news?

I just noticed a 1991 V8 5-speed for sale on Classifieds 2000...I haven't
been reading the list as religiously as I usually do, so this may have 
already been mentioned.  As usual, no affiliation...


1991, Audi Quattro V8 5 speed, 103K miles, $12,750/OBO 
Exterior Color - White
Interior Color - Gray - Dark 
<snip stuff we all know>
Rare 5 speed manual V8 Quattro, one of only 150 imported. Exterior is pearl
white, interior taupe leather. Phone, BBS wire wheels. Sharp! Price reduced
- come on, guys - I wanna buy an M3! Make me an offer! 
(208) 376-7828
Boise, Idaho 83704