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Re: S4 buying gotchas

1. I believe all Euro S4's had 6 speeds, new and old. 

2. The 91 200q 20v when chipped is faster through lower gears (1-3, maybe
4) than a similarly chipped S4 - this is due to the gearing of the 5-speed
in the S4 as well as the additional weight. However, comparing both cars in
stock form, the S4 is marginally faster.  That has been my real world
experience, and I believe the math would confirm it in theory. 


Brett Dikeman wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Lewis, Gary M wrote:
> > I don't believe the 200q20v is faster than a S4.  Every performance
> > comparision I've seen has the S4 outperforming the 91 200q20v.  Remember,
> > the S4 has an overboost function that adds more power.
> The top HP figures for the early S4's are exactly 10hp higher than
> the 200q20v, and the early S4's weigh exactly 200 pounds more.
> The 200q20v has a lower lb/ft-lb and lb/hp numbers than the S4.  Hence,
> it's probably faster(but I would say they're even; the nicities in the
> S4 are better.)
> Out of curiosity, which S4's had 6-speeds?  Only the 2nd round(ie,
> a4-body) S4's?
> Brett