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Re: S4 buying gotchas

Ah yes, but don't forget the "bang for the buck analysis."  According to
Edumunds, the base price of an 1993 S4 is $20,955 and the base price of a '91
200q20v is $10,330.  For the $10K, differential, one could make the 200q20v go
quite a bit faster.  For about $4K you could add chips, a transducer, and an RS2
manifold and turbo and get about 330HP (which is about 100HP more than the S4)
and you still have $6K more to play with.   Big Brakes?  Wheels and tires? New
suspension?  Just my two cents....


"Lewis, Gary M" wrote:

> Brett said;
> > No, I'm not in the market...but the parental unit is.  Despite the 200q20v
> > being faster and far cheaper, I guess he's just looking for something more
> > refined.  The early S4's seem to fit the bill.
> >
> I don't believe the 200q20v is faster than a S4.  Every performance
> comparision I've seen has the S4 outperforming the 91 200q20v.  Remember,
> the S4 has an overboost function that adds more power.