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Re: 5kt slush box shifting

OH OH....did he forget to change the Torque Converter??  This would mean BIG 
problems in about 2 months.  Another bad tranny.  =(

Jason C
89 200t10v - with a new rebuilt tranny and new torque convertor
Redmond WA

In a message dated 4/2/99 7:57:23 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
leif@mail.execpc.com writes:

<< I was over at my mechanic yesterday, and he has a problem with a customer's
 car transmission.  It is a 1985 5kt with a slush box.  His customer had
 ordered a used replacement transmission himself, from one of the sources
 that has been mentioned here without too many glowing terms, and John only
 needed to install it.  Since this was only replacing the transmission, the
 differential was never removed from the car.  Now when the car is cold, it
 will not upshift.  Goes into first fine, and after a couple of blocks of
 driving it will shift and work just fine.  Until warmed up, it refuses to
 upshift.  Any good suggestions on causes?  There is one area that he is
 concerned with, he neglected to measure (and adjust if needed) the shim
 washer(s) for the transmission final drive end play adjustment.  Talking to
 the dealer, they do not even have the parts on hand for this.  But anyway,
 can this shim adjustment affect the upshifting of the transmission?  He is
 very willing to take it apart again and adjust the shim thickness, since it
 was an over-sight of his employee, but would hate to do it if it will not
 fix the upshift problem.  Incidentially, how critical is this end play
 adjustment.  Since the shim thickness variations are 0.4mm (approx. 0.016
 inch) it would not seem to be a critical adjustment.
 Of course, since his customer purchased the transmission, he is caught in
 the middle.  The customer wants his car running, and since he is right
 there instead of at the other end of a phone line, he gets the brunt of the
 customers frustration and would definitely like to help him out.
 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I will forward all replies
 to him.
 Leif >>