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Re: Gas Prices - No A.C. (Audi Content)

"Matthew Brenengen" <audi@stribmail.com> writes:

>It's no wonder that we 'mericans are driving more and bigger trucks.  
>When a tankful of gas costs more than a month worth of groceries 
>(diet: Mac&Cheese), our habbits would sure change.  Now that gas is 
>(still) cheaper than bottled water, where is the incentive to 
>conserve?  Does anyone else think that gas prices are too low?

NO.  You want people questioning why you drive an Audi instead of a nice
3 cylinder Geo?? Or govt' passing onerous revenue laws to force it's
populace into "correct" vehicles?  The 3 cylinder Suzuki engine makes our
"old"  Audi's  "guzzlers" by comparison.  Lets not get suckered into
going up that road of reasoning, it leads somewhere most of us don't want
to go.



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